About Me

Hi I’m Tracey


I am a coach, consultant and speaker and I am passionate about helping people get into their lane and start loving what they do again.


For most of my career, I’ve worked in the creative industries, and as a result I’m a strong believer in the power of creative thinking and play to spark the imagination and open us up to new possibilities. When we’re in this place, there is no fear or doubt. And when we free our mind and our imagination the possibilities are endless.


Of course goals and timelines have their place, but the reality is that half the battle of getting into your lane is actually seeing it. Only when you see it can you start to make it happen.

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My Story


Growing up in a loving family in the UK, but one filled with expectation for my brothers and me, my dad had reserved his prospects for the corporate jobs for the boys, and the ‘women’s jobs’ for me. “Go and be a teacher he said”, “it’s a great career for a woman.”


As a 19-year-old I defied this and, feeling like I could do anything I put my mind to, I started a fashion business. This, I believe, was so successful because there wasn’t any other option in my mind; if I could dream it, I could do it.


Eight years later I completed a university degree and ended up travelling 8,000 miles to live in Australia – again; it was what I wanted to do, and I didn’t let fear and apprehension stop me. In fact, those feelings of discovering the unknown, and a sense of adventure spurred me on.


I began my career in advertising aged 27 and became fruitful and determined to prove my dad wrong. To show him that the corporate jobs weren’t just reserved for the boys, that I could be a successful in business too.


Fast forward 17 years and you’ll see me as a mother of my gorgeous daughter and pregnant with my second; I was sitting at the top of the corporate chain in a job that I no longer enjoyed or aligned with my core values, not knowing how to get out and start a new lane.


I’d known for a few years at this point that advertising was no longer feeding my passion, and it had long since become just a job for me; and a stressful one at that. I’d dabbled with changing careers and had previously trained as an Executive Coach, and then a life coach as helping people change their lives was something that had stirred my inner being and excited me. But when it came to the crunch, I kept reading the books and brushing up on my knowledge, but fear was stopping me from making the leap. I didn’t know how I could walk away from a career that paid me good money to be there and that I’d been in for the majority of my working life.


How had this happened? How had that ballsy 19-year-old for whom anything was possible, gone and ended up being stuck in a job she hated, not knowing how to get out?


Crunch time came when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I’d already studied for a Psychology of Coaching Diploma so I had taken the first tentative steps in carving out a new career for myself, but still, the trepidation at the thought of leaving, at not being able to provide for my family, was still there by the truckload. For the first time in my life, I can say that I felt fear. Leaving behind all I had ever known for the unknown, as a mother of one, a child on the way and an ego to massage was a really, big deal. Until one day, the clock struck f**k this sh!t 0’clock. I knew there was more to life than this, and I owed it to myself and my growing family to go out there and grab it; I walked into my boss’s office, resigned from my job and immediately my sense of freedom and possibility began to return.

What a relief!!

I just knew I had to get back to that feeling of loving what I did. I wanted to have the freedom to live on my terms and not someone else’s. So I left the industry – and I dived into the unknown.


Fast forward a few years, I met my perfect match, had 2 beautiful girls, qualified as a coach, and moved from Sydney to Lennox Head (a beautiful coastal town). I remembered that feeling. I found my new lane, and loved it. Now I’ve launched changing lanes to help you find and get into yours.


Discover the real you and unlock your potential with a FREE Passion and Possibility Playbook.

“After a long career in a demanding industry, I thought I wanted to get off the corporate ladder and into my own business so I consulted with Tracey. Tracey’s focused, straight shooting approach led me to capitalise on my skills and experience whilst transferring them into a new yet related industry. I am now happier than I have ever been in a role. Tracey is intelligent, intuitive, objective and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Isn’t that what we all need when facing some of life’s biggest decisions?”


– Narelle Vine
General Manager, Felix, Sydney

Why Work With Me?

I’m an experienced Marketer and Coach with 17 years experience helping brands like Volkswagen, Qantas, Virgin, Vodafone, Westpac and Westfield.


I ran a leading communications agency in Australia.


I have consulted and coached a range of businesses and individuals from start-ups to large corporations,  entrepreneurs to CEO’s.


I’m a qualified Executive and Life Coach, and have a Business and Marketing degree.


I set up my own retail fashion brand at the age of 19 and continued to run successfully for 4 years.


And personally, I’ve changed my own lane from a corporate career, to a Coach and Consultant – became a mum and made a sea change too.