Business Coaching

Time for a gear change

I have had the privilege of working with some of smartest, most creative strategists in the industry and as a result have learnt some powerful creative tools and techniques to find solutions to a whole myriad of issues.

You may be looking for Executive coaching to help drive a successful team and business or you may need to rally an organisation towards a single vision and goal, or even drive team effectiveness, motivation and spirit. I will work with you to determine the most effective method of coaching that suits you and your organisations goals.

And, if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner and  struggling to juggle it all, I can work with you to focus on identifying your business goals and strategy and building a rock solid action plan to achieving them.

Having a business coach and mentor allows you to really laser in on your business, identifying whats working and whats not and focusing you on building a sustainable and profitable business . I will ask you the tough questions, keep you on track, remind you of your vision and provide the necessary advice, tools and support.

I am passionate about driving the success of you and your business.

Here’s to your success!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”


– Albert Einstein

1 day strategy intensive

In the corporate world, the “off-site” was a chance to get out of the office, into a creative space and spend some time on the business rather than in it. This is where we can create some real magic. Whether you need to work on the vision of your business or you may have a specific challenge or opportunity you want to crack. This is about getting into a creative and playful space and freeing the mind up to what’s possible.

The Process

We’ll dig deep and really explore what the opportunity is, gaining clarity and uncovering real insights.


A creative process to open the mind up to ideas and different perspectives. Its big picture thinking, where anything is possible.


This is where we get to play with our ideas and determine which idea generates the most excitement, and potential to create magic.


This is about turning your winning idea into a clear actionable plan, understanding exactly what you need to achieve and how.

Business coaching and mentoring

You may feel you need on-going coaching and mentoring support rather than the one-day intensive. If so, I offer 6 and 12 month packages to suit your needs.

If this is more the go for you, then please get in touch and we can choose a timeframe to suit you and your needs.

Yes Please