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Have you ever been through a phase in your life when you just knew, without a doubt, that ‘anything is possible’? When there was no question that things wouldn’t work out and anything you wanted, could be yours?


You know the times; perhaps you were a kid and didn’t yet know that life would be filled with a whole barrage of obstacles which had the potential to stop you from reaching your dreams. Maybe you’ve been through a period of spiritual awakening and realised that the world is your oyster, and everything your heart desires is yours for the taking. Or perhaps, you’ve quit your job and travelled the world which has brought out your inner confidence, and for the first time in your life, you’ve felt a sense of complete and utter freedom.


If this sounds like you and you’ve ever been through similar seasons in your life and believed that reaching your dreams was just a stretch of the fingertips away; you’ll also know that it’s just as easy to have that sense of possibility bashed out of you too.


You’ve spent years bringing up your children and got used to being ‘mum’; or perhaps you found your dream job early on and worked your way up the corporate ladder and ended up in a situation where you don’t know what else to do. Maybe, as is extremely common, somewhere along the way, you just got lost, and life’s constant stresses have won the battle, and you’re now treading water just to survive.


I know I have.


I had gone from a ballsy 19 year who had the world at her feet and truly believed that anything was possible, to feeling stuck in a career Id been in for 17 years, and having no idea what I wanted to do or how the heck to get out of it. It was like the older I got the more fearful and cautious I became, until one day the clock struck f**k this shit o’clock and I just knew there had to be a better way. I left behind the fancy title and the massive salary to pursue something with more meaning to me. Yes, I had a mortgage and bills to pay, and young family to support but I knew that staying in this career was not only damaging to me and my health but to my family and my relationships.


If you can identify with this, if your hopes and dreams have got lost along the way and you’re now fearful of making your next move, I am here to help. As a qualified and experienced Coach, I have both the technical knowledge and the personal experience to help you change the lane of your life, and I am dedicated in doing so.

The first step, identifying that something is missing in your life, is the hardest. The fact that you are here now shows that you’ve already completed the most difficult part of your journey.


I know how tough it is when you don’t know what you want to do, but your gut is telling you to move, so I’ve put together a FREE eBook – ‘Passion and Possibility Playbook’ designed to help you uncover the real you. Who you were and what you loved before the world told you to hold your horses, and get on with the planned life that society has created for you.


Through our journey together, you’ll uncover what it is that makes you awesome and how there’s a career out there which is the rope that ties together your skills, passion and values in the perfect double knot.


Whether you’re looking to change career, make a sea change, or perhaps you don’t know what your next move is but you know that you need to do something; the Passion and Possibility Playbook is for you.


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